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Producción de Televisión

  • Procesos de Producción

La persona que generalmente está a cargo de la producción completa es el productor -- el jefe de jefes.

El o ella define el concepto general del programa, calcula el presupuesto de producción y toma las decisiones mayores. Esta persona es el "Gran Jefe", el líder del equipo, trabaja con los escritores, decide el talento principal, contrata al director y guía la dirección general.

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The production sequence

  1. Clearly identify the production's goals and purposes.

  2. Identify and analyze your target audience.

  3. Check out similar productions from the past.

  4. Determine the overall value of the production to a sponsor or underwriter. 

  5. Put it down on paper.

  6. Next, draw up a tentative schedule.

  7. Bring on board the remaining above-the-line production personnel.

  8. If you're not shooting in the studio, decide on key locations.

  9. Next, you'll want to make some decisions on talent, wardrobe (costuming) and sets.

  10. Make decisions on the remaining staff and production needs.

  11. In major U.S. cities and in many foreign countries it's not possible just to go to the location of your choice, set up your tripod, and start filming. Except for spot news and short documentary segments, you must arrange access permits, licenses, security bonds, and insurance policies.

  12.  Arrange to shoot or acquire video and film inserts, still photos, and graphics.

  13. Start rehearsing and shooting.

  14.  After shooting is completed, the producer, director, and video recording editor review the footage and start to make editing decisions.

  15. Although most of the production crew will conclude their work by the time production wraps (finishes), some follow-up work generally needs to be completed.

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